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child care for special needs kids

Having a special needs child comes with an extreme level of responsibility, and oftentimes, more expenses. So, what do you do when you have to go to work and need someone to care for your child? I struggled with this for about two years before I couldn't financially stay home with my son any longer. I spent a lot of time looking for information about finding the right child care center for my son and what I could do to prepare him for the transition from home to the center. On this blog you will find tips that can help the process go much smoother for you and your child.


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child care for special needs kids

    Three Benefits of an Infant Care Program

    Having an infant can be a challenge, but it can also be a joy. Even though you may have mastered their feeding and sleep schedule, there are still things about parenthood that you will continue to learn throughout their life. One program that you may not be aware of is called an infant care program. So, what is an infant care program and how may it be beneficial to your infant? Read on to learn a little bit more. 

    Comparing Child Development Theories

    Choosing a child care or daycare facility can be difficult. Before choosing a daycare, learn the teaching methods that different daycare centers use to teach children. You can use this knowledge to determine which teaching style is best for you and your child and what child care facility to use.  Behaviorist Theory B.F. Skinner created common behaviorist theories that use reward and punishment to encourage the desired behavior from a child. This theory believes environmental sources create a child's behavior.

    Preschool Writing: Best Ways To Teach Your Little One To Write Their Own Name

    Are you a parent with a preschool-aged child and ecstatic about them learning to write? Perhaps you are looking forward to seeing their scribbles gradually form identifiable letters and words. If so, you may be wondering the best approach to introducing writing to your little one. The following information will help you understand some affordable and fun ways you can teach your child to write their name.  Trace and Go

    Learn How To Make The Transition Into Preschool As Easy As Possible For Your Child

    If you find yourself being forced to go back to work after a few years of being a stay-at-home mom, sending your child to a daycare for the first time can be a big change for both you and your child. It is important to make the transition as easy as possible for both of you so that it is a change that you both learn how to deal with in a constructive way.

    3 Things To Look For In A Child Care Center If Your Child Has Special Needs

    Many parents of young children with special needs work outside of their home to ensure that they provide for their family. However, their work may make it necessary for them to place their youngsters in child care, especially if the children are not old enough to attend school. Still, a child with special needs may require additional considerations in a child care environment. If you are trying to select the best child care center for your special needs child, here are a few things for which you can look:

    Three Preschool Activities Celebrating Fall

    With it's changing colors and cooling temperatures, autumn is a fascinating time for preschoolers.  Capture the fun of fall with these three preschool-appropriate activities. Crayon Rub Leaves Materials: Leaves in different shapes and sizes, copy paper, crayons To complete this activity each child will need a handful of different leaves.  If time and weather permit, take a nature walk together and allow children to collect their own leaves, encouraging them to find as many different shapes and sizes as they can.